What is Hacking

What is Hacking
Hacking is the act to gain access without legal authorization to a computer or computer network to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.
Now Hacking is illegal as we get access to free data without their permission.A lot of people do hacking for fun,but there are many others who steal credit card informations,hack Payment Processor accounts(Paypal.Liberty Reserve and Alertpay) and trasfer the money to their accounts.
Beginner Hacking
If you are a beginner a hacking,then read all files and watch videos that are remotely related to hacking.This will be a bit ore tedious but will definately help.The more you read the more you know the less the chances of you getting caught.

Hacking Rules(Avoid getting Caught)
1.Never damage a system you hacked.
2.Dont alter any files of the system you have hacked.
3.Avoid sharing information about your Hacking projects with anyone.
4.Avoid using your real information on forums as they can be monitered.
5. DO NOT hack government computers.
6. Keep all your hacking tools safe and inaccessible from others.


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